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When seniors can safely and easily use the bathroom on their own, it allows them to age in place — and with dignity.  So designing safe and accessible bathrooms are key.  Making accommodations for wheelchairs, walkers, medical equipment, unsteady balance, and more will go a long way in helping your loved one feel independent and safe.

Falls represent the leading cause of emergency room visits, and the conditions in a bathroom are unfortunately the perfect storm for falls. The motions of getting up and down, stepping in and out of bathtubs and showers, bending over at the sink, and more aren’t always safe for a senior. And when you add wet conditions to the environment, the bathroom becomes a dangerous place.

When the bathroom isn’t well laid-out or doesn’t provide aids to help with accessibility, it can become an unsafe environment for those who have trouble getting around. A bathroom for seniors should be easy to get to, easy to move around in, and well-equipped with aids to keep seniors steady. Read on for thoughtful bathroom options that will make the bathroom safe and accessible for your older adult.

Minimum requirements for bathroom are 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. A zero-threshold shower is a shower that has no curb; meaning, a wheelchair or walker can easily slide into the shower.  Let us upgrade your bathroom by clicking here



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